Technology can serve to make our daily lives safer and more convenient. The development of new technologies can be discovered in almost every activity that we enjoy, and Scuba diving is no different. Dive computers allow divers to go for longer and more frequent dives with less hassle.

They serve to give the diver a more accurate method to determine their remaining time, recalculate residual nitrogen between dives, offer logbook functions, track tank pressure, and calculate how long and deep you can safely make your next dive.

At Bob’s Scuba, we offer a wide range of dive computers that suit the needs of the most novice to the most experienced diver. With top brands such as Mares, Scubapro, Problue, Henderson, Centauri, Genesis, Galileo, and Aladin, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your scuba needs.

Computer Consoles

The most common method that scuba divers operate their computers is through a console system. These consoles let the diver monitor their computer and remaining air simultaneously using either an analog pressure gauge or an air integrated unit.

Wrist and Hands-Free Computers

Hands-free computers are extremely popular with divers who travel or newer divers who do not yet have a full diving computer system. They are mounted on the wrist or hose and offer all the basic functions that a diver requires. They are also a fantastic option to use while diving in rental gear or in gear that is supplied by a resort.

One of the newer designs in hands-free computers is the wireless, Air Integrated computer. These offer the same features as console computers but with the added benefit of being much more streamlined. Air Integrated computers can be used with or without the transmitter, making them a good option for divers who wish to travel without the bulk of their gear.

Finally, wrist-mounted computers that can also work as a wristwatch offer the full features of a regular dive computer on a slightly smaller display screen. This is a wonderful option for divers who may have the opportunity to go for a dive on short notice.

Metric Computers

Most of the dive computers on the market today may be used with the Metric or Imperial measurement settings. Dive computers that are not air integrated, feature metric analog gauges.

Computer Accessories

In addition to offering a wide range of the latest designs and technologies in dive computers, we also offer a range of computer accessories from batteries, wrist boots, protective bags, and screen protectors.

Take some time to browse our collection of dive computers and accessories, or if you have questions about any of our products, feel free to contact us.