Bob’s Scuba offers a wide variety of scuba masks that allow you to see clearly while you are under water.

We carry all of the top brands in scuba masks, including Genesis, Akona, Oceanreef, Problue, Mares and Scubapro. In addition to the variety of masks, many masks also come with options that allow for easier use while snorkelling or scuba diving.

Scuba masks are an essential part of any diver’s gear. Most are available with either one or two windows, and they come in a wide range of colours with either a black or clear silicone skirt that allows the mask to seal to your face.

In selecting your mask, perhaps the most important considerations are comfort and fit. The mask must seal properly to your face, or it will leak. Materials such as clear silicone allow light to come through the seal of the mask, which gives the diver a more open feeling. Hunters and cave divers, however, often prefer black silicone for the same reason. Black silicone eliminates light coming in from the sides and lets the diver concentrate on what is in front of them. Larger masks can also come with side windows so that the diver may have a greater range of peripheral vision.

Masks with corrective lenses

Divers who normally wear glasses or contact lenses often find they do best with masks that have corrective lenses. This allows them to focus on their dive without having to worry about being unable to see clearly or about losing their contact lenses in the water.

Corrective lenses can be installed in most masks for near or farsightedness. Many masks can even have bifocal lenses installed in them.

Full face diving masks

Some divers opt for masks that cover their entire face because of the special features that these masks offer. With a full-face mask, the diver is able to breathe through both their mouth and their nose. The diver expends less energy because they do not have to bite down on a mouthpiece, which often means that they feel less fatigue during their dive.

Full face masks are an excellent choice for diving in colder water because they are nearly impossible to flood and do not require defogging. A communication system may even be added to these masks, which allows you to talk to other divers while you are underwater.

Mask accessories

In addition to many high-quality diving masks, Bob’s Scuba also offers a selection of mask accessories, including mask straps, defog solution, mask bags and more.

Browse our large assortment of masks and accessories today, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.