As oxygen is the most essential thing for human life, a diver's tank is their most essential piece of equipment. At Bob's Scuba, we carry a variety of tanks and valves from brands such as Faber and Catalina and can help you find the right equipment to suit your needs.

Steel Tanks

When properly cared for, a steel tank can last for years or even decades. Because steel tanks are denser than aluminum tanks, they can be smaller while holding just as much oxygen. This is important for those with two-tank systems. Additionally, the denser tank means fewer issues with buoyancy – especially near the end of a dive.

Proper maintenance is key when using a steel tank, as rust can become a problem over time.

Aluminum Tanks

Aluminum tanks are the most popular choice among divers as they are much lighter than steel – not to mention durable and cost-efficient. Their light weight makes them easy to transport and puts less strain on the diver's shoulders during long dives.

Also, due to their light weight, however, aluminum tanks are more buoyant, particularly near the end of a dive when most of the oxygen is depleted. To offset this, divers will use a counterweight. There are also "Compact Neutral" aluminum tanks available with thicker walls to add more weight and counteract the buoyancy problem.

Twin Tanks

Looking to double the length of your dive? Then double up on your tanks. Twin-cylinder tank packages give you more time in the water and come in both low and high-pressure models. Tank sizes are available from 80 to130 cubic feet.

These tanks are extremely durable and come with a hot-dipped galvanized coating that makes them resistant to scratching and other damage. We also offer manifolds that allow you to gang your own tanks together to maximize your oxygen supply.

Scuba Tank Accessories

In addition to the scuba tanks themselves, Bob's Scuba offers a range of accessories to help you optimize your diving experience. Tank carriers make it easier and more convenient for you to transport your tanks to and from the boat, and tank weights help you avoid buoyancy issues.

Other accessories such as valve protectors and extra O-ring kits are all available through our online shop.

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