When it comes to snorkelling or diving, using a fin helps to make swimming that much more efficient. The fins used in diving are modelled after the tail of a fish, and they give a diver the ability to move faster through the water with greater thrust. Whether you’re a free diver, scuba diver or snorkeller, fins are a very useful addition to your gear. At Bob’s Scuba, we have fins to suit everyone and carry a wide variety of brands and price points, so we know we have the right one for you.

There are a few different types of fins to choose from, so it’s important to consider what it is you’re looking for before making your purchase.

Back Strap Fins

These kinds of fins will give you a little more flexibility as they have an open heel to them, with a strap that closes around your heel. These fins usually have a larger surface area than their full foot alternative, so it makes them really popular with scuba divers who usually have a lot of bulky gear as it will help them move through the water much easier.

Full Foot Fins

Unlike the back strap ones, these fins are almost like shoes. They are a short fin, and much more compact than the ones used for scuba diving. The full foot version is meant to be worn without any kind of thermal protection, so they’re usually much more popular with warm water divers and those who snorkel.

We offer many of the full foot fins in a sport fin version. The sport fin version often combines the ease of use of the full foot fins with the performance you find in an adjustable fin.

Long Blade Fins

Are you thinking about trying freediving? Long blade fins often feature a closed heel design and feature an increased surface area to give divers leverage for getting to the surface quicker. Long blade fins also increase your efficiency, so you may even find that you’re visiting the surface for air less frequently.

Choosing the right fins for you

There are so many kinds of fins out there that it might feel very overwhelming, but that’s ok. When you’re looking for fins for diving, you’ll need to consider what type of diving you’ll be doing and what you want to get out of them. Are you going to be carrying the equipment of scuba diving, or are you doing free diving where you’ll be swimming back to the surface on a regular basis?

If you have any questions about which fins are right for you, we’re here to help! Give us a call so we can work with you to find the right fit for you!