Investing in an underwater camera is one way for divers to share their passion with others, whether those others are divers or not. Whether you are capturing the magic of an underwater coral reef or exploring a wreck in the Great Lakes, digital photos and videos help to preserve the memory.

At Bob’s Scuba Shop, you will find a range of high-quality underwater cameras from brands such as Kraken and Sealife.

Diving Cameras

Scuba divers worldwide love diving cameras that provide them with crisp, clear images. Diving cameras are High Definition (usually 720o and higher) – this means that you are going to get fantastic images. Many of today’s diving cameras also come with WiFi which means that it is easy to print, upload, and share your photos from just about anywhere.

Diving Camera Lights

One of the biggest challenges for divers interested in underwater photography is lighting. As you dive deeper, a natural loss of light, colour, and depth perception makes objects farther away from the camera appear blurry and indistinct.

There are essentially two ways to resolve this problem: get closer to the object or use a flash to restore as much of the colour as possible through the water column – usually divers use a combination of both these techniques!

The best results from the flash are obtained when the flash is used as a light supplement and not as the primary source of light.

Camera Accessories

Various camera accessories can be used in order to help you get the best possible underwater photos and videos. These include items such as different lenses, filters, lanyards are more.

Depending on where you are taking your photographs, in part, will determine the best accessories for you. For example, consider how far away your subjects are and whether you are photographing during the day or at night. Different filters can help to restore lost colour. And don’t forget the extras such as camera bags, extra batteries and chargers, etc.

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